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Truck Trailer curtain


Our PVC tarps are extensively used in the transport industry.

It is UV stabilised and has the following strength characteristics:

Warp Tensile Strength: 2000N/5cm
Weft Tensile Strength: 1700N/5cm
Warp Tear Strength: 300N
Weft Tear Strength: 170N
Weld Adhesion: 80N/5cm
Other grades are also available, including heavier grades.

Tarp sizes depend on the size of your truck/trailer and on what you are loading.
Normally, we allow a minimum of 3m up and 3m down to allow of a 3m high load. So a flatbed trailer 12m long by 2,4m wide would take a 9m wide by 18m long tarp.
A superlink would normally take a 9X12 and 9X18 tarp. We offer block letter printing and digital logo printing so that you can brand your tarps.
Don‘t forget accessories for your loading requirements.


Tautliner or curtainsider is used as a generic name for curtain sided trucks or trailers.

Tautliner Truck Trailer PVC Tarps are either made to the client’s specifications, or by measuring the trailer at our factory.

The curtains are on runners, and can be pulled back and forklifts used all along the sides for easy and efficient loading and unloading.

When closed for travel, vertical load retaining straps are tightened between the runners, hence the ‘Tautliner’ name, which stop the curtain from drumming in the wind and also retain the load from slipping sideways.

Typically, medium weight (550GSM), or heavy duty (700GSM) PVC is used, but others can be specified.
The PVC is UV stabilised and can be fire-retardent if requested.
Many colours are available.