Agricultural PVC Tarps

Our PVC tarps are extensively used in the agriculture industry.
Normally we recommend 600GSM lce Blue PVC, which is specifically formulated for covering grain.
This product is used in Australia and Canada and was developed along with farmers over a 15 year period. Some farmers are uninformed and they just use a standard tarp PVC to cover their grain. This could cost them large amount of grain due to contamination, mould and the sun baking the top 100mm layer into a thick crust.

This product is specially formulated with food grade ingredients to ensure no unhealthy chemicals migrate to your crops.

The base cloth is specially treated with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to ensure that it does not mould or rot in any way.
The UV stabilizer is specially formulated to keep your crops at the desired temperature avoiding the top layer baking into a thick crust.

It is UV stabilised and has the following strength characteristics:

Warp Tensile Strength: 2100N/5cm
Weft Tensile Strength: 1800N/5cm
Warp Tear Strength: 300N
Weft Tear Strength: 200N
Weld Adhesion: 80N/5cm
Other grades are also available, including heavier grades.

The actual colour is not one made by pigment alone, but is a result of the formulation changing the product into this “Ice Blue” colour.
There are products on the market that replicates the same colour but in properties is only a normal PVC product thus risking the quality and quantity of your hard earned grain.
This is sold as a grain cover product but it delivers poor results and spoils the crops.